Here’s the Premiere Episode of Ray Donovan, Let the Bad-assery Begin


There's no greater anticipation than waiting for a television show that's nowhere near premiering. The leaked trailers, the subway posters, the commercials…you haven't been teased this much since middle school!

That's why Defamer is streaming the series premiere of Showtime's Ray Donovan 12 days early, as in right this very second. It's time to devote the next hour of your life to celebrity scandal, blue collar bad-assery, and free premium cable. (It's true: you don't need a Showtime subscription to watch this episode but if you don't have one already, you'll want one once it's over. Also, have you not been watching Homeland and Dexter this entire time? Get it together.)


Take a break from tedium and click the 'play' button above to watch the first episode of Ray Donovan in all its glory. Now. Why are you still reading?

Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight star in the New Showtime Original Series Ray Donovan. Watch the first episode on Defamer.com starting June 18. And tune in Sunday June 30 at 10PM, right after Dexter.

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